After the HTS and a study Mathematics and Business Administration at the Open University, she dives into the world of finance. The technique, the numbers and the pennies, Jannette de Groot-Sijtsma spends most of her career in this environment. A unique combination that you do not see in many women. In the role of Financial & Business Controller at Conrad, she finds it essential that she has an influence on the company's objectives. “When finance, marketing and HRM come together with the innovative power of a company, great things are created.”

Short lines, a family and direct communication

Jannette wanted to work for a horizontal organization, a company with experience, drive and decisiveness and without external shareholders. In conversations with the other MT members, General Manager Gert-Jan Karman, Head of Innovation Bram Muurlink and HR Director Linda Klaster, it quickly became clear that Conrad fit the bill. And vice versa. The short lines at Conrad, the family atmosphere and direct communication sounded like music to Jannette's ears. Here she can make the difference. In the first months, the positive feelings are only confirmed. She feels at home in the men's culture.

Conrad Stanen

"It's often straightforward here. You have to be able to take a joke, but I'm used to that.' Conversely, her numerical view and social approach are an important addition to the MT and the structure of the organization. Conrad has grown rapidly in recent years. This meant a necessary professionalization in the structure and especially in management control. There is a lot of information available, but we did not do enough with it. Ultimately, the focus in machine building is always on production and delivery times. “We are now working hard to make this even better. It means creating clarity about: where are we, where do we want to go and how are we going to take that road? We want to stay ahead.”


‘In the strategy sessions, we determine the line for the coming years. It affects all departments, all people. We mainly want to focus on human capital. The quality, but also the speed and the innovative power are all related to this. Despite the growth, we don't want to try to change Conrad's social character, nor do we want to change the culture. To be able to use this optimally, we must have insight into the knowledge and skills of the people, their personal skills and creativity. For that reason, we develop, for example, a knowledge matrix, an inventory of the available knowledge areas, including possible vulnerabilities. We have always been a learning company, with more than sixty people you can no longer manage that by instinct.'

Big goals, divided into clear steps. With sometimes, unexpectedly a step back or aside. Despite all the control, you can never deal with all the details at the same time. But it's a beautiful, strategic game. Just like at home with the family, Jannette likes to do puzzles, keep each other sharp and at the same time have fun and togetherness. ‘If you understand with which background, skills and goals someone participates, then you also understand the steps that he or she can or wants to take. With this team I am convinced that we can take on the world.”

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