SBM 10

De SBM 10.0 C is the biggest in the Conrad SBM series This type of jetting mast needs a more robust excavator undercarriage than its smaller brothers due to the depth of the stroke. This makes the SBM 10 a very stable partner.

SBM 10 - Dewatering



The SBM series was originally developed for machine positioning of filters between 3 and 9 metres at dewatering projects in one go. This machine series makes manual work a thing of the past and has been continuously developed over the past twenty years to become the multi-purpose jetting mast we now offer in various sizes and tonnages. The jetting masts are robust and durable and often outlive their chassis. And that also offers opportunities for the future.

The advantage of this unique jetting mast series? Conrad can custom fit any type of jetting mast to an existing excavator. Conrad jetting masts are supplied with a stroke of 6, 9 and 10 metres. The project’s depth and type of dewatering determine the machine and chassis choice. The larger masts require the excavator to have a more stable base. The smaller models come into their own in work areas where space is at a premium and they are easier and cheaper to transport.

SBM 10 - Dewatering

Operation convenience

Conrad’s SBM series is distinguished by its specific construction that provides drill operators with maximum visibility of the lance. Conrad fits the drill lance to the front at a 45-degree angle and not in the direction of the cabin, which not only offers more control over the drilling process, but also gives you greater flexibility when drilling in difficult conditions, such as a recess in sheet piling or in the corners of the borehole.

Customised down to every last detail

  • Direct attachment to an excavator, with main boom adjustment to optimise both drill setup and transport.
  • Quick exchange system to connect the jetting mast to the excavator, enabling multifunctional excavator use.
  • A telescopic drill mast with 6-metre stroke enables drilling to 12 metres deep.
  • Height adjustment between the mast and main hinge increases the SMB’s scope. This solution means the machine can drill over sheet piling or on lower or higher surfaces.
  • Transverse rotation adjustment between the mast and main hinge so you can set the mast to drill vertically when the excavator is at an angle.
  • Swivel/rotation setup to enable even better drilling in confined spaces and awkward corners. Conrad fits the lance to the front of the jetting mast as standard.
  • Both the jetting mast and excavator can be controlled remotely.
  • Control levers are fitted in the cabin so the entire drilling process can be controlled from the cab.


Technical specifications
Tonnage graafmachine 12 / 16 ton
Slag Boormast 10 meter
Pull-up kracht 1,000 / 4,000 daN
Pull-down kracht 500 / 2.000 daN
Doorlaat boorkop 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 mm
Koppel boorkop 300 / 600 / 1000 daNm
Toerental boorkop 60 / 120 omw/min
boorlans 10 meter
Telescooplans COd 101,6/70 x 10000
Afvangklem Openklapbaar
Lier 500 kg 30 meter staalkabel
Mastverstelling 2 x 5 graden
Masttranslatie 1 / 1,5 meter slag
Afsluiter in waterwerk 3 inch vlinderklep
Radiografische boorfuncties Scanreco
Radiografische graafmachinefuncties Scanreco

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