SBM 100-6

The SBM 100-6, like the other well dewatering machines, has been developed for the efficient and safe placement of dewatering filters. The big brother of the SBM 50-6 may not be able to be transported on a trailer without a full driving license, but is surprisingly light and manoeuvrable for such a powerful machine.

SBM 100-6 - Dewatering



If you have to install dewatering filters every day you’ll know what a time-consuming and intensive job it is if you have to do it manually. The SBM 100-6 changes all that. This big sibling of the SBM 50-6 maybe can’t be transported on a trailer without a commercial licence but for such a powerful machine it’s surprisingly light and agile.

SBM 100-6 - Dewatering

Operation convenience

The SBM 100-6 is also mounted on a caterpillar chassis and with full radio control it’s a doddle to manoeuvre. And there’s yet another advantage: as the drill operators can stay at a distance from any rotating parts, the machine is safer. Like the smaller version, we’ve maximised compactness during the design.

The difference? The SBM 100-6 is a true rig for more intensive jobs. You can drill larger diameters and work with auger drills. It can also be equipped with its own pump. The SBM 100-6 is also adept at drilling deep wells, which means bigger wells and the ability to extract more water from a single drilling. And although this rig with its own hydraulic system is widely used for dewatering


Technical specifications
Motor Kubota, V3307-CR-T-E5,
Vermogen 56 kW bij 2400 rpm
E-missie Stage V
Slag Boormast 6 meter
Pull-up kracht 2,000 daN
Pull-down kracht 1,000 daN
Doorlaat boorkop 75 / 100 / 125 mm
Koppel boorkop 300 / 600 daNm
Toerental boorkop 60 / 100 omw/min
Bediening Radiografisch
Gewicht 6.000 / 8.000 kg
Bodem druk 0,3kg / per cm2
Inhoud dieseltank ?
Brandstof verbruik
Inhoud Hydrauliektank ?
boorlans 6 meter
Telescooplans COd 101,6/70 x 10000
Afvangklem Openklapbaar
Lier 500 kg 30 meter staalkabel
Mastverstelling 2 x 5 graden
Masttranslatie 1 / 1,5 meter slag
Afsluiter in waterwerk 3 inch vlinderklep
Spoelpomp 100m3/hr. bij 8,5 bar
Zuigpomp 160 / 240 m³/h
Boorbuis opslagsysteem Opslag 10 x 3 meter

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Conrad Stanen
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