The Boxer 150 GT for geothermal energy has the best of all worlds. Easy to transport with a single transport, flexible in smaller spaces and extremely powerful. The 150 GT is very interesting both ergonomically and financially – because of the lower personnel costs.




The Boxer 150 GT is a stunning mid-size machine that’s incredibly lightweight. The rig can be transported on one single transport, which is what makes it so popular in geothermal energy. This machine is considerably more powerful than the Boxer 120 GT, while being not that much bigger than its smaller counterpart. Its compact size enables it to easily handle sites where space is at a premium. The 150 GT is equipped with upper frame rotation so it doesn’t damage gardens or paving. Its long-stroke outriggers also make it easy to set up on any slope or embankment.

The Conrad Boxer 150 GT has a maximum traction force of 7 tonnes and can drill holes up to 250 metres, making most geothermal energy projects within easy reach. Despite its compact size, this drilling rig can be equipped with 3 or 4-metre pipes. These are controlled via a manipulator making the 150 GT extremely interesting both ergonomically and financially, as it reduces staffing costs.

The Boxer 150 GT hydraulic system is top class. Well-known German brands are used for both the hydraulic drives and control valves. It’s an excellent entry-level machine or for use as a reserve in the total machine fleet.


Operation convenience

The Scanreco operating system makes life so much easier for every drill operator. Operators can use the multi-functional controller for quick menu navigation on the eight-inch LCD monitor. The hi-res anti-reflection screen is always easy to read even when the sun’s shining and the updated layout provides a clear overview and amazing functionality.

The Boxer 150 GT can be equipped with various types of water pumps, including a centrifugal, piston or positive displacement pump. This Boxer can also be used with the Preventer for cased drilling.

Volvo TAD580 and TAD581

This Conrad machine is powered by a powerful Volvo Penta series diesel engine, developed in accordance with the latest emission standards and equipped with SCR, DPF+DOC, the so-called uncooled EGR and outstanding passive exhaust regeneration. These uncomplicated and compact engines are built using Volvo Group technology. They deliver high torque even at low revs and their extended oil interval of 1,000 hours make them very easy to maintain. Volvo offers 24/7 service worldwide and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Technical specifications
Motor Volvo Penta, TAD580,
Vermogen 105 kW bij 2000 rpm
E-missie Stage V
Slag Boormast 4,5 meter
Pull-up kracht 6.000 daN
Pull-down kracht 3.000 daN
Doorlaat boorkop 75 / 100 / 125 mm
Koppel boorkop 300 / 600 daNm
Toerental boorkop 10 - 120 omw/min
Besturingssyteem Parker I-QAN CANbus systeem
Boorbuismanipulator Radiografisch
Boorbuis opslagsysteem Opslag 50 x 4 meter
Lier 900 daN 60 meter
pomp 100 m3 / 7 bar
Bediening Radiografisch
Gewicht 7,700 kg
Bodemdruk 0,48kg / per cm2
Inhoud dieseltank 130 Liter
Inhoud AD-Blue tank 25 Liter
Roteerbaar onderstel 360 graden roteren
Centrale vetsmering SKF
Masttranslatie 0,4 meter slag
Modem Diagnose op afstand
Automatische manipulator Halfautomaat
Flowcontrol Automatische pompregeling

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Conrad Stanen
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