The Boxer 200 series has been further developed over the years into a multifunctional installation for drillers all over the world. The feedback from drillers from the field has been indispensable in this regard. Together we have developed a machine that stands its ground.




Over the years, the Boxer 200 series has been further developed to provide multi-functional rigs to drilling operators across the world. Feedback from drilling operators from the field has been essential for us. Together, we developed a machine that always holds its own, even in specific borehole drilling. This machine is an outstanding performer in flush and suction drilling, and suction drilling via airlifts. This versatility enables the Boxer 200 B to be used for flush drilling down to depths of 250 metres and suction-airlift drilling down to 180 metres.

No wonder the Boxer 200 B is the most sold drilling rig in Conrad’s product range. With its automatic drill pipe manipulation system, there’s no need to install drill pipes manually, which is not only much safer and more efficient but also has a huge impact on the physical exertion your drill operators go through on site. Just one operator can handle both small and large projects, which is a huge plus these days.


Operation convenience

Of course, operator comfort using the rig is then an extremely high priority. And that’s exactly what we’ve introduced to perfection over the years, creating a powerhouse that’s truly top of the bill. All important drilling functions can be handled using the Scanreco. The drilling operator has complete overview of both the drilling process and surroundings.

Boxer 200 B specifications

  • Storage capacity of 84 metres double-walled 5-inch suction-airlift drill pipes
  • Storage capacity of 280 metre 3-inch flush drill pipes
  • Can be equipped with 6-inch water unit, 6-inch suction pump, 6-inch drill head specifically for suction drilling. The Boxer 200 B can also be equipped with a compressor for airlift drilling.
  • Various drilling technologies can be used. Easy to convert using standard conversion kits.
In terms of engine power, there are two options: a Volvo diesel engine or electric version. In sheer power they’re true equals.

Volvo TAD583VE

This Conrad machine is powered by a powerful Volvo Penta series diesel engine, developed in accordance with the latest emission standards and equipped with SCR, DPF+DOC, the so-called uncooled EGR and outstanding passive exhaust regeneration. These uncomplicated and compact engines are built using Volvo Group technology. They deliver high torque even at low revs and their extended oil interval of 1,000 hours make them very easy to maintain. Volvo offers 24/7 service worldwide and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Technical specifications
Engine Volvo Penta, TAD581
Power 129 kW at 1800 rpm
E-mission Stage V
Stroke Drill mast 5.4 meters
Pull-up force 9,000 daN
Pull-down force 4,500 daN
Drill head passage 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 mm
Drill head torque 300 - 1,250 daNm
Drill head speed 10 - 120 rpm
Control system Parker I-QAN CANbus system
Drill pipe manipulator Radiographic
Drill pipe storage system Storage 21 x 4 meters
Winch 1,950 daN 60 meters
Suction pump 280 m3 / 9 meters w.k.
Control Radiographic
Weight 12,500 kg
Bottom pressure 0.3kg / per cm2
Diesel tank capacity ?
AD-Blue tank capacity ?
Turntable rotate 360 degrees
Central grease lubrication SKF
Masttranslation 0.8 meter stroke
Modem Remote diagnostics
Automatic manipulator Semi-automatic
Flowcontrol Automatic pump control
Compressor 6 m3/min at 12 bar

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Conrad Stanen
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